ENCORE: Ankeny Centennial is Proof of Town's Support, New Principal Says

Each day this past week, Ankeny Patch helped you to learn more about four new building administrators who will start their roles in the district July 1. Here's your second chance to meet Jen Lindaman, who is set to lead Ankeny Centennial High School.

Editor's Note: We know the work week can be a busy time and you might not make it to our site. So, for our weekend visitors, here's a second chance to catch a story we ran earlier this week.

Four new adminstrators are poised and ready to take the helm at their respective schools within the next year.

But who are these individuals who will be leading our schools?

In an effort to help you get to know the new faces among the school district's administrative team, we got a chance to ask a few questions to the new leaders of , Ankeny Centennial High School, Prairie Trail Elementary School and .

Each day this week, we profiled one of the building principals who will start their new roles within the district on July 1. Here's your second chance to get to know Jen Lindaman, .


Age: 45

Family: Husband, Cade, and sons, Dirk, (21), who is attending Central College, and Drew, (18), a senior at AHS.

Where/When Did You Graduate From College? What Degree?

University of Northern Iowa, 1989, bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science; University of Northern Iowa, 1997, master of arts in educational administration; Drake University, 2003, Ed. D. in educational leadership.

Where Have You Taught Previously and What Were Your Roles at Each School?

I was a 7-12 math and computer science teacher at North Tama Community Schools in Traer from 1989-1997, an associate principal at Ankeny High School from 1997-2008, and the executive director of secondary education for ACSD from 2008-2012.

Name a Teacher That Most Influenced You. Why?

I have been fortunate to have had numerous outstanding teachers in my educational life. From elementary school to graduate school, I have experienced teachers who cared deeply about me as a learner and who challenged me to think, grow and learn at high levels. 

If I had to name one, I would have to say the Dr. David Else, a professor in the educational leadership program at the University of Northern Iowa influenced me greatly throughout my leadership studies.  Dr. Else was an incredible teacher who was purposeful and intentional in teaching of future administrators, and who inspired and mentored me to become a school administrator.

What is Your Educational Philosophy?

I firmly believe that all students can learn at high levels and that it is our educational responsibility to foster the growth in every learner so that they can reach their fullest potential. I have high expectations for both students and staff and believe that learning is at the very core of both teacher work and student work. Every step in the learning process requires committed, caring teachers, who know the learning needs of their students, and who purposely plan instruction that ensures every student is growing in their learning. As the leader in the building, while it is certainly important that the principal manages the daily functions of the building efficiently and effectively, it is essential that the principal develop a culture where the fundamental purpose and single focus of all staff is student learning.

What Will You Try to Bring to Your New Role?

I believe I bring both passion for and commitment to ensuring Ankeny Centennial students achieve at high levels. As we work together to bring Ankeny Centennial to life, I will bring a background and history of having served 11 years as a leader at Ankeny High School, and at the same time I will embrace new ideas, experiences, and opportunities that will distinguish Ankeny Centennial High School’s unique history and traditions.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Part of Ankeny Schools?
I love working in a community that believes strongly in education. We have outstanding students, highly-engaged parents, and a deeply supportive community. The birth of Ankeny Centennial High School is an illustration of how deeply this community supports its students. Many communities struggle to prioritize student needs over adult needs, but not Ankeny. Even when the decision is difficult and perhaps even painful, we do what is right for our students. This, in my opinion, is what unites us as a community.

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Megan VerHelst April 11, 2012 at 04:30 PM
What do you think should be Dr. Lindaman's biggest priority to ensure a smooth transition to two high schools? Tell us in the comments!
Joe Dygas April 15, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I wonder which option the new principal would prefer, a new football stadium or elementary school #10? Which is more important to the communit?
Kathy April 15, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Let's see Joe . . . classrooms that benefit 650 kids or a stadium that benefits a couple hundred? More classrooms to help with our continued growth and class size issues or a new stadium to replace one that still works? Seems like an easy decision to me.
Barbara Johnston April 16, 2012 at 07:16 PM
WELL SAID, Dr Lindamen! You speak words of wisdom with regards to opening the new high school, uniting the community and the parents putting the needs of students first! What a wonderful opportunity Ankeny has to embrace this new chapter in our town's history. The 900+ students at ACHS on opening day Aug 2013 will be well served by you! Congratulations on your new position and thank you for all you have done while leading the secondary curriculum in our district - the changes have been remarkable! Keep up the good work!
Barbara Johnston April 16, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Given Dr Lindamen's comments in this article, I would think she supports Elem #10 over a new stadium. But that's just my guess. I support Elm #10 since it is a NEED and not a want. A new stadium would be nice but since we, like all of America, need to prioritize our wants vs. our needs compared to how much money we have or are willing to spend, I support the school over the stadium. Which is why I opposed the $4 million sports facility expenditure that this new board made last fall for the fields at AHS.


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