Johnston Council Sets 2014 Property Tax Rate

The city expects to spend $49 million in 2014 fiscal year.

The Johnston 2013-14 tax levy may be lower, but residents will still pay more when it comes tax time.

The city set the 2013-14 tax rate at $11.15 per $1,000 taxable valuation. The 2012-13 rate was $11.29.

Although the rate is lower, a change in the state rollback means residents will pay more.

A resident who owns a property valued at $200,000 can expect to pay an additional $31.84 for the city portion of property taxes.

The state rollback is a portion of a property's value that is taxed.

In 2013-14 the city's budgeted revenue is $48 million, $12 million of which is from property tax.

The city will dip into the reserve fund in the turn of $1 million, to bring the city's expenditures to $49 million.

"The city can be very proud of the budget we put together this year," mayor Paula Dierenfeld said. "We reduced the property tax levy, at the same time we're meeting needs of the community."

Dierenfeld pointed out the new public safety facilities, adding a police officer and firefighting staff, and paid for a portion of a second school resource officer, as well as, beginning work on Terra Lake Park and construction of Beaver Drive Trail as examples of meeting community needs.

"Were doing a heck of a lot in this budget," she said. "We couldn't come up with the budget without the hard work of staff."


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