POLL: Oscar Nominations Are Out: What's Your Pick?

Will this be the year that you actually see all the movies nominated for Best Picture? We'll tell you how you can and you can tell us which one should win.

The Oscar nominations are out, and, once again, I'm woefully behind.

I've seen only one — "Moneyball" — of the nine nominations. So, I've got eight more to try to watch in the next month. If you're even farther behind than me, you can rent "Moneyball" on DVD at Family Video.  

Vote in our Patch Poll for the movie you think should win the Best Picture category this year.

But I'm betting I'm not the only one who hasn't seen "The Artist," a silent black and white movie about, well, the old silent movies. It's the favorite to win with the critics. You can catch it and "The Descendants," a film starring George Clooney, at the Fleur Cinema in south Des Moines this week. 

In fact, you still can see about half the nominated movies in area theaters if you hurry.

  • "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," the story of a boy's search for a secret from his father who died in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11, is at the now.
  • "War Horse" is still at Merle Hay Mall Cinema and the Wynnsong in Johnston this week. 
  • And "Hugo," Martin Scorsese's 3D family film that earned 11 nominations, is at the Wynnsong through Thursday.

Check for "The Help," a popular movie last summer, "The Help," the tale of domestic workers in segregated Mississippi at the beginning of the Civil Rights era, as well as "Midnight in Paris", the Woody Allen romantic comedy or on Cinemax if you get that in your cable television package.

The Urbandale video store also actually has "The Tree of Life," a movie my pastor actually managed to show a clip of as part of his sermon recently. He may have been the only person in the room who saw it (and I go to a very large church).

You have until the Feb. 26 Academy Awards ceremony to watch all the Best Picture contenders (unless, of course, you have other goals in your life).

And if you're already ahead of the game and have seen most of these films, good for you. Now you can start on those that weren't nominated but, according to Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert, were among the 20 best films in 2011. 


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